Who Gives Michael Moore the Rights to Comment about Our Water Lead Problems in Flint?


This fat, old man that has done nothing for Flint. This fat, old man that only touches projects or people that will benefit his ego or pocket. This fat old man that wants us to listen his biased motivated words?

Since when Michael Moore has the moral and ethical rights to tell us, the people that live here (not in California, not in Grand Traverse, MI) about water and lead in Flint?

Michael Moore, a Davison native not a Flint native, that has been taking selfies in all his movies before selfies were invented? Please! The one that used Flint to make his break in Hollywood and when he became rich and famous never ever gave a penny to causes in Flint (just few pennies to a private school, only).

Who gave him the rights to have an opinion about our business in Flint, if he can not even keep a marriage/divorce in a civilized manner? Who gave him the rights to comment about us when he has chosen to invest in Grand Traverse area to be next to the rich and famous- the Republicans he criticizes but deep-down adore and copy?

Please, he will do anything for his face, or words to be in the media, and so he desperately piggy back on any subject to appears on the news. Writing on Twitter is cheap, and blaming- his specialty, is convenient. But how about to get involved in the subject of crime and teenagers? How about donating money to create a filming institute for the kids that do not finish high school? How about stop using us?

Trash is trash in any place, and whatever he touches, he transforms it in trash, artistic trash, but trash nonetheless.

We do not need his fat face in our face. Enough with all the incapable people that are making decisions in the city using our tax dollars to have him giving us his five dollar shallow end notes.

If he is willing to donate five thousand dollars in water for the Flint children’s elementary schools (something that Republicans have been doing right away) may be, may be, we could accept his ugly self to do it.

Until them, go home and take care of your problems..that are plenty, and stop being so “clever” to use our problems for your advantage.

It is a tragic shame that you are still using the misery of Flint, the misery of poor people in Flint, especially children and seniors, for your benefits. That is what makes you so ugly as person.


There is so much going on in Flint


It is my wish to write and you will see it in another, yes “another blog” I will start today, the one that will help me to do writing in a more fluent way.
As I work on the other site, I will keep you posted..because I think Flint deserve a better narrative and that is what Flint a great place to live is…. a place to celebrate what we have…because we have a lot. Yes, we have a long way to go, but we have plenty to start and to give thanks.

The new blog will be named “Dyslexia,AdhdlistenIreallywanttowrite….

Until then, thanks to reading my blog…

Mr. Michael Moore. In Flint, Michigan, we do not need “you kind of love”


Filmmaker Michael Moore said
he loves Flint, “but let face
it, nobody is going to go there on a
vacation.” (from the article about
Michael Moore in the Flint Journal of
October/2014. Written by Ron Fonger

Every time I observe people giving space, attention, or long newspaper interviews to Michael Moore, in Flint, I wonder what do they see? Most of the time Mr. Moore behaves like an obnoxious, self –center egomaniac person that knows Flint more than anybody…Who made him such an authority?
As a documentary, he is always fascinated with himself as a character, so much, that he appears in all the movies advertisement, and brochures. Does he find himself pretty? Please…
The one and only movie made by him that I watched was Roger & Me. And I did it before coming to live in Flint from Atlanta. This is not the place to criticize the movie, but I could say that he was absolutely wrong in a lot of areas. He wants to portray Flint as the only place in the world with an economy based on a mono-industry collapse. Well, I come from a city similar to Flint, Tucuman, Argentina where the mono-industry of sugar cane production (with ten sugar mills around the town) had the same fate, and collapsed when US started producing corn syrup. And yet, nobody made a movie and millions with our misery. And nobody knows how Tucuman recovered.
In Flint we are so unlucky that we not only have the auto industry collapse, but we have Mr. Michael Moore to tell us how bad we are. Isn’t that great?
You could be a talented artist. That does not make you a good person. A great person is known by his action, and Mr. Michael Moore knows that he is not loved in town because his action shows a different story. To win the respect not the adulation of people you have to have character and show it Stop the cheap blame and work for solutions. Has Mr. Michael Moore done anything for the poor and devastated neighborhoods in Flint? Absolutely nothing that I am aware. And yet, he has come over and over to scout free material and profit from people’s misery. Isn’t that what a good person does?
Has he donated money, created a school of film or a film festival in town? Off course no. Yes, he has gives some money secretly to some institution that are related by family. Yet, he has preferred to put his energy in Traverse City, the place where rich and famous have houses. Wasn’t he criticizing the rich corporation governed by mean people..well what happened when Michael Moore becomes that rich person? Does it mean that he becomes mean too? Apparently so.
You do not need to be a follower of trashy news to learn about his other love gone wrong…the one with his ex-wife. Your private life tells miles of your character when you are put under pressure, and it seems that things are not pretty there. If he says to love her like he said he love us….I feel sympathy for his ex-wife to deal with such a person that cares so much about himself and what people will say…the mansion and Traverse City and the likes…
Is time for us to say” we do not need his kind of love for us, for Flint. We do not need Michael Moore’s constant trashing of our city- us (because as you know cities are not made of building, they are made of people). We do not need that kind of demining sort of abusive love for our city-us.
“Let ‘s face it, nobody is
Going to go there on a vacation.”
Go to where poor children in Flint live and tell them “that nobody wants to come to Flint for vacation.” Go to where the elderly live in Flint and tell the same….and there you will understand how crude and out-of-touch he is with the real issues of poverty and old industrial cities.
As a story teller, he is a good manipulator of the narrative, but his real stories, the ones that will stay with him -the ones of his family are pretty dark and sad…His father does not have the respect in the community to be the parent of a triumphant filmmaker, his wife is leaving and his whatever children do not have a sense of what is Flint.
While he was collecting money and applause around the world, we were working hard to bring back this town, our town, one block, one neighborhood at the time. All this years, who were here to make it happen? Business people that believed in Flint, and put money and invested and reinvested to convince customers to come back to downtown Flint. Foundations like the Community Foundation of Flint, the Mott and Ruth Mott Foundation that year after year were supporting the Flint Cultural Center with all its institutions. And it did not stop there, the foundations donated money for universalities and the Food Bank and after school programs, beautification of gardens in the city and the list goes on and on
Where was Mr. Moore? Looking himself in the mirror? I supposed. But life cut not slack to anybody and he is becoming the old decadent fellow that even “poor Flint does not care about.”
He can do whatever he wants with his misery, but we do not need his trash in our backyard. My children were born in Flint and we live and love this town with the good, the bad and the ugly. Why? Because life is complex and messy, but beautiful at the same time.
I hope when I am old that my children are proud of me not because I am rich and famous, but because I gave them values: Do not bully people, do not use the weak and poor for your benefits. Try to help as much as you can, and when you leave this earth, leave it better that when you were here.
That is not what would be said of Mr. Moore…

Do not Forget that tomorrow is the Flint Institute of Music Open House


Once again, most of the home-school children will be volunteering at the open house at the Flint Institute of Music August 12 2014. Why home-schoolers? I think, it is because the moms of the home-schoolers are into teaching kids to be good citizens. And because for us, the home-schoolers moms, education does not stop in a book. As a matter of fact, it expands into doing things for the people and places you love.

In addition, my kids and a lot of the home-schoolers that I know love the Flint Institute of Music. There is the place that they not only learn music and dance but that another home school kids are around in great numbers.And nothing better for home-school teenagers to be around another home-school teenagers.

So, if you have time, or if you are curious to see all the great classes this institution has to offer. Pass by the Flint Institute of Music between 6 to 8 pm. We will be there. My son will volunteer in the percussion class and my daughter will be in the dance class.

Hope to see you there,


This is my last post until 11-6-2014


For now, I will concentrate in a new blog that has more relevance in my live:

TheRaisingofChildren.The LoveFamilyProject

 I have always wanted to write a book about rearing children and this will be as close as it takes. Yes, I am utterly opinionated, but at the same time, the format of writing this blog will give me the opportunity to  clarify some of my thoughts.

For that reason, I have decided to stop the writing on all the other blogs while concentrating in what is going on in my life today. That is my priority.

Yes, I would like to continue with the other blogs about the great and the not so great things of living in Flint MI , but the commitments I have now make me to concentrate in the areas I have passion that are children and raising children to their full potential.

Homeschooling my children has given me the opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time with my then and countless situations for reflection which has opened my mind of subjects to write.

I will not abandon my neighborhood, nor will I stop trying to convince people to move and live in Mott Park because I still believe Mott Park, in Flint Michigan, is one of the best places in United States to have a house and that says a lot.

The Facebook account:  https://www.facebook.com/MottParkFlintMiAGreatPlaceToLive which allows readers to see pictures and have  a vision of how Mott Park on week to week is, and how is evolving.

And last but not least, this are my experiences and my vision of raising children. In a subject clogged with experts, I promise to be truthful to the bad and the ugly, and also to the amazing journey of raising children.

Yes, is November and is the national novel writing month –http://nanowrimo.org. I will not write a novel, but I will write everyday from today November 6th 2013 to November 6th 2014, and see what happen.

So, it is time to start this journey of words, memories, ideas and reflections of what really entails to raise  children in United States in the 21 century.

Wish me luck,


What does it mean 10 years of Shakespeare in the Park in Flint? Letter to the Ruth Mott Foundation


Letter to the Ruth Mott Foundation
Before the summer flies away, I would like to bring to your attention the wonders that happen at Kearsley Park under Ms. Kay Kelly’s direction, who is doing magic  in our community.

I know that when your organization decides to allocate funds for programs, they are never sure if the “real thing,” is as good as what the written proposal describes.

Well, with Ms. Kay Kelly and the Kearsley Park project, rest assure that the Ruth Mott Foundation support of Ms. Kelly’s programs is well spent. After ten years of continuous theater in the park, the benefits go beyond of what Ms. Kay Kelly had in mind when she started.


 In my humble opinion this are some of the results I have seen while observing my son and daughter participating in her theater programs.

1)    Ms. Kay Kelly transforms lives thru the art of theater.  And for my son, who is a very bright and accomplished dyslexic teenager, Shakespeare in the Park means Shakespeare in a context that is thru the spoken and visual media very accessible to him. He loves Shakespeare plays and the Kearsley Park players.

2)    Ms. Kay Kelly models behavior for all children, teenagers and actors that are involved in the plays: The way she does it is by treating everyone with dignity and with eyes of possibility. If you work with Ms. Kay Kelly, there is not self-pity for being poor; no excuse for being late, for she treats each job in the group as indispensible to the success of the plays.

3)    Ms. Kay Kelly has the ability to make the extraordinary ordinary because she is able to mix the “who is who,”  with the “who is nobody” in Flint with the same charm an assurance typical of her persona. Yes, for the opening night, she was able to bring some of the donors that rarely visit Kearsley Park. And in addition, she put those donors in an intimate setting with people they rarely relate. And for that, I salute her immensely. She is one of the few members of our community that cross our walls…

4)    Ms. Kay Kelly brings organized activities to a park in one of the poorest areas in Flint in the hottest days of summer which are synonyms of frustration, impulsively regrettable decisions and titillate violence. And by her constant presence in the months of summer, not only the flowers and the gardens are in bloom, but little by little, Ms. Kay Kelly brings the reality of Shakespeare and theater to a  park, in the east side of town where the poor and forgotten lives- all the shows are free to the viewers.


5)    Ms Kay Kelly has created without imagining a summer training program for acting students from the U-M Flint. And that is why the plays from the Kearsley Park Players have a flavor of professionalism that bring more people each year. She has no problem casting actors, for the auditions are filled with eager new comers and seasoned actors.


But more than anything else, Ms Kay Kelly proves the  naysayers that have no hope for Flint to be wrong. She shows us that if you give a city, a park and its people high expectations, a sense of belonging and possibilities, great things always happen.


And  in her plays, there is always a happy ending!


Enjoy Flint as our family do.



Mott Park neighborhood “the Geeky part of Flint- Kettering + Oxford Virtual Academy-(K-12)”



Great things are happening in our neighborhood because Kettering University is adding a K-12 Virtual school in campus!

This is the letter I am sending to all my homeschooling friends to come and visit not only Oxford Virtual Academy but Kettering University….did I mention that we are also in the process of building at Kettering and First Robotic Lab? That is for later.



Oxford Virtual Academy is opening at Kettering University- Tuesday information Meeting at Kettering/ Marta Wyngaard-Tavakoli


Dear Friends:

I want to share with you a new educational opportunity for homeschoolers in Genesee County. It is Oxford Virtual Academy at Kettering University.


Orientation Dates at Kettering are

  • Tuesday July 23 at 6.30 pm
  • Wednesday, July 24 11am-2pm
  • And Tuesday they will rent a booth at Genesee mall too.


There is an interesting video to watch at- http://oxfordvirtualacademy.org/about/in-the-news



What is nice about OVA is that understands homeschoolers and understands our peculiarities how we educate our children. With OVA the children can take a full curriculum, a part-time curriculum, a homeschool curriculum, or extra curriculum.


Omid took the extra curriculum classes and loved it. One semester, he took Audio Engineering and Computer Science I. The second semester took Computer Science II. Arezu took Cooking and Latin one semester, and Latin II the second semester.


But more than that, the children learned to use computers as tools for thinking and problem solving. Arezu not only learned about cooking, preparing the dishes, but also took pictures, download information and created a cooking book for the class. In Latin, she recorded her conversations and established a relationship with a teacher that was miles away in another state. She also communicated with her mentor teacher Ms Boggs once a week and learned to send and receive videos.


Omid liked his teachers very much because despite that the classes in programming are challenging the teachers kept in close contact with him and were willing to do anything to make the learning easier.


If you think that virtual education is an important component in your children options, please go to “About Us,” and read specially Our Phylosophy- ….OVA continues to provide improved student learning maintaining positive family relationships based on trust and a shared belief that the students always comes first..A school without walls, the OVA is all about options and flexibility. Students learn in their own way, at any time, in any place, and at their own pace. The virtual school offers online courses 24/7, for a customized educational built on individual strengths.


There is also an interesting component that are field trips to different events- http://oxfordvirtualacademy.org/calendar-events/field-trips


I have any questions fill free to email me, martawyngaard@yahoo.com